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Episode Choose Your Story is a top-rated video game developed by Pocket Games that features interactive stories built for mobile devices. This game not only allows you to create interesting characters and incredible storylines but also lets you view the stories created by other gamers. Episode Choose Your Story stands out from typical video’ games as it allows you to decide the path of your story. This game is easy to play, and it s compatible with Android—and IOS mobile devices too.

Episode Choose Your Story has millions of fans for a reason’ it offers an immersive experience and the freedom to create your adventure. If you re looking for an attractive and amazing interactive game with lots of fun, look no further than Episode Choose Your Story.

What makes Episode Choose Your Story unique?

The simplicity of this game makes it stand out from other choice-based games. It has more than 100, 000 stories and lets you create your own stories without knowledge in coding. With the newest updates, episode creators can now enjoy faster load times and smoother animations.

How does Episode Choose Your Story Work?

This video game lets you customize your avatar to your liking and develop relationships with your characters to create an exciting’ storyline. You can decide to make them friends, lovers, or rivals. For instance, if you ve always wanted to become a celebrity, you can simulate that by making your character a dreamy superstar. Episode Choose Your Story allows you to change the fate of your characters through your choices. With this game, you can discover and immerse yourself in endless diverse worlds. You have unlimited options!

This game allows you to engage yourself in a thrilling adventure, and all you need are episode free passes and gems. Usually, the quickest way to get episode gems and passes is to buy them. However, they can be considerably expensive because of various reasons. This is where episode cheats come in. With an episode choose your story hack, you can save money and effort involved in getting episode gems online.

Why do you need episode gems?

The main currencies of Episode: Choose Your Story are gems and passes. You ll need episode gems to buy various things in the game such as valuables, outfits, and assets for your characters. Free passes come in handy for reading stories and let you to become a master of an episode. There's so much you can do within this game when you have unlimited passes and gems. In order to customize your characters to your liking and create an exciting story, you'll need as many episode gems as you can get.

The more episode free gems you have, the more power you have to build on your storyline. For instance, there are occasions you may want to’ choose a particular outfit for your avatar to improve your relationships in the game’. You re going to need gems to buy the outfit. As you progress in the game, you ll realize that you need many gems to develop an incredible storyline’. Luckily, you can get episode gems online if you follow certain episode cheats. If you re’ wondering how to get free gems on episode, you re at the right place. In this guide, I m going to share the tricks on how to get free gems in episode.

How to get free gems and passes on episode

Connect social media accounts with episode app

The most straight forward way to get episode gems online is to connect your social media accounts with the episode app on your mobile device and get free gems as a reward. Simply download the ’episode app from Google Play Store or Apple ’Store and link your social media accounts. It s a good idea to link those accounts that you re most active on.

Episode free passes

This is another simplest way on how to get free diamonds on episode. All you have to do is waiting for the gems to recharge. This game refills your gem supply every day. Just wait for 4 hours for three gems to refill, and once they do, you ll get’ episode free passes to keep playing. This is a convenient option for persons who don t want to bother with episode choose your story hack or cheats. But then, this option requires a lot of patience.

Play new stories

Playing new stories or stories that have recently been updated with new chapters will give you free passes. Passes are added on an hourly’ basis when you re playing new stories. However, they are not accumulated when you re not playing the game. Therefore, if you re out of passes and you want to get back into action, play a new story with new chapters, and you ll get episode free passes.

Referral links

Another easy way on how to get free gems in episode is to get game codes from other players. Just visit the various official episode forums and wait for referral codes. You can also follow referral links from episode partners to get free gems online. However, you should be careful when clicking on links that claim to offer episode hack or cheats. While there are many legitimate sites where you can get free diamonds on episode, there are also malicious sites you should avoid. When following referral links for episode gems hack, all you have to do is click on the link and then click OK so that it will open in Episode game app. You will then receive a notification asking you to claim your passes and gems. These links only work once, so ensure you utilize them fully.

Episode gem generator tool

You can as well use an episode gems generator tool to earn free gems and passes. This tool will help you get free and unlimited amount of episode gems and passes online. Not only is it secure and reliable, but it’s also easy to use, free, and most importantly, it works.

Moreover, it’s compatible with all browsers, Android, IOS, and Windows devices. An online generator tool is AES Encrypted and verified by thousands of users, so you can be sure that it is a genuine episode gems hack. To get free passes and gems for episode is to visit the gems and passes generator page, enter your email & username for episode hack and that’s it. You do not have to worry about getting banned and losing your storyline because the username will be hidden from tracking. Once you’ve entered your details, enter the number of episode gems and passes you need and click on “Generate Now”. The gems and passes will automatically be added to your account. You can use the episode gems online to customize your characters and increase the pace of the stories. However, it’s advisable to add a limited number of episode gems and passes at any given time to avoid raising suspicion.

With the many gem generators that are available in the market, you’ll have to be a little bit careful when choosing the kind of tool to use. Using a reliable tool comes with many benefits. A reliable gems generator tool is not only easy to use but will also give you helpful insights on how to get free passes on episode, thereby helping you to improve your episode game play.

Besides, the tool instantly adds episode free gems and passes, so you don’t have to worry about delays. By using a reliable gem generator tool, you'll save not only money but also time. A secure generator protects your game data by ensuring your contact details are not leaked. Do not be left behind just because you don’t have enough episode gems and passes. Use the episode online generator tool and experience all the game has to offer.

Other ways

You can also get free gems for episode by participating in daily challenges that allow you to win episode free episode passes and gems online. There are also regular events whereby you can be awarded passes and gems depending on your ranking.

In short

Overall, episode gems and passes can add a twist to the whole gaming experience. If you’re a fan of episode, you’ll definitely need as many episode gems as you can get to make your very own adventure. Knowing how to get free gems on episode can save you a lot of money, time, and hassles. While you can opt to play this game for free, you’ll be missing out on a lot of fun and adventure. Therefore, the best way to enjoy this game without making a huge dent in your wallet is to utilize episode cheats or a hack. Episode hack will give you access to free gems and passes, so you don’t spend too much money purchasing gems. Episode chooses your story hack is here to help you become a master of episode.

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