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August 7, 2011

Boy Kid Cloud – The sickest producer in the world you never knew about

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Written by: Tom London
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Boy Kid Cloud – The sickest producer in the world you never knew about!

Bold statement? I think not! Not when you hear this guys music it won’t be. Boy Kid Cloud is originally a musician in the band ‘These Furrows’. Playing the part as the front man, with his mad skills on the mic (Not the 2Pac kind), and mind-blowing song writing skills (much like 2pac). So to start this little journey that is the kid who is now a boy made of cloud, we should start by a tune from These Furrows, for all you indie people, I am sure you will enjoy this one!

These Furrows – Duke by thesefurrows
Boy Kid Cloud then turned his attention to Dubstep, and broke into the scene with a track that is actually very close to me, seeing that it was literally one of the first dubstep tracks I ever listened too back in early 2010, and I have some vivid memories of playing this track over and over again. Flaaavour took the Beatport Dubstep chart by storm pushing into the Top 10, and even better, it was released the same day as Sweet Shop, by Doctor P, and it managed to debut higher in the charts. Here is Flaaavour by Boy Kid Cloud, i love it, you love it, we all love it, so get onto Beatport, support BKC and buy it.

So after the success of Flaaavour I gave BKC a call on the telephone, rather randomly one day in 2010. I asked if he wanted to do a guest mix, and he accepted, then soon after I proposed he release a VIP on FILTH Records. Now, I really shouldn’t mention this, but seeing that this is hilariously funny (Well, to me it is), I think I should slip it into this eternal blog post, so that when he is the next ‘Skrillex kid cloud’, we can all laugh at this moment. Anyway, he agreed to send this ‘stranger’ (me), a VIP version of Flaaavour. Now, after hearing Flaaavour, I’m sure you can agree with me that you would be pretty darn excited to hear a VIP, and more so to be releasing it on your label, I guess you could say I was re-enacting the pre-christmas excitement. So I opened up this .mp3 file, and was broken-hearted to hear a Flaaavour with a house beat. It was like Flaaavour meets David Guetta, and boy I was sad, ha ha. Anyway, I said wasn’t really feeling this, and only yesterday did I actually tell the Kid Cloud what I really thought ha! He then sent me the true VIP, something that I was really not expected. The track literally blew me to pieces, and then I realised, the file that he sent it in, was a .zip file. There was something else hanging in that stocking of digital pleasure. And that my friends, was the W.A.R VIP. So here they are, Flaaavour VIP  getting dropped by Doctor P on 1Xtra and W.A.R VIP, for your hearing pleasure.
Doctor P Drops Flaaavour V.I.P on 1 xtra by BOY KID CLOUD
Now as I am sure you are all aware, I am writing this timeline from my personal encounters with Mr. Cloud, so I will move onto some of the most exciting radio shows I ever did, and what made them so exciting. Kid Cloud would regularly send me little clips of things he was working on, for feedback, and just to show off his insane knob skills, pulling and twisting and… Anyway, I would always ask him (because I am rather lazy) for the full tunes at 7:59PM on a Sunday evening. 1 minute before my show would begin. Now, it takes 5 mins to download a tune through aim, sometimes if mr cloud is being a ‘retard’, by sending them as .wavs, they can take a little longer. But regardless, I would literally burn these tunes, individually, onto CD at around 7:28PM, and then announce I had a new BKC tune to play, and how I had never ever heard this track before (quite honestly). For those that listen to my shows, you will remember the moments, and the tracks that followed the infamous ‘Here we go’ and ‘Check this one’. Boy Kid Cloud had really done it this time, with Feel High, Eyes On Me, Get Lesta and Know My Name. 4 tracks that I literally had no response to, other than spinning my CDJ backwards until the jog wheel flew off into the abyss of filth that Kid Cloud had created whilst twisting and pulling his knobs. A few weeks later and they got signed to Ultragore. Here are four of the best tracks I have ever heard, my personal favourite being Eyes On Me, with Feel High close behind.

Eyes On Me [CLIP] “Out 20/06/11″ by BOY KID CLOUD
Feel high [CLIP] “OUT 20/06/11 by BOY KID CLOUD
Know My Name [CLIP] “OUT 20/06/11″ by BOY KID CLOUD
Get lesta [CLIP] “OUT 20/06/11 by BOY KID CLOUD
So here we are, the present day, with Boy Kid Cloud putting tunes out on Ultragore and Filth, it wouldn’t be a shock to see his tracks getting higher acclaim, and you would be right in thinking it. This track right here, forthcoming on Circus Records, and getting played by the likes of Rusko (might I add not just played, but he has opened shows with it). So here is one of Boy Kid Clouds latest works, How It Looks.
How It Looks [CLIP] OUT 15th AUGUST, on circus records. by BOY KID CLOUD
So this brings us to the end of my craig david style, ‘fill me in’ on Boy Kid Cloud. In my mind he is defiantly the sickest producer in the world that you didn’t know about, and if you agree with me, make sure you like and follow him below!

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  1. everyone who doesn’t know about “without manner” doesn’t know what the word epic is describing.. c(:

  2. OhHeyGirl

    For sure BKC has had a special place in my ear drum for a bit now

  3. was the first place I ever heard Boy Kid Cloud, back in March. :)

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