So you want to be A Dubstep DJ? The first most important step in becoming a Dubstep DJ, is knowing the music like the back of your hand. Being a DJ requires great music knowledge, and not just knowing what songs get the crowd going. You need to know your tracks, and know them well. Once you know your tracks, you can explore creative mixing and start creating double drops, but we will get onto that later.

Where to start?

The first thing you will need to become a DJ, is a pair of CD decks, or turntables, and a mixer. These can be purchased online, or in a store, but can be quite pricey, we recommend using Pioneer CDJS and any 2 channel mixer.

For those who don’t have the budget to dive into a pair of top notch CDJ’s, a digital mixing program such as Virtual DJ will suffice.

You can download a free version of VDJ here: Download VDJ for Mac or PC

Mixing Dubstep

When setting out to DJ, the first thing you must understand is the concept of speed. Music comes in all different speeds, or as well call them, Tempos. Luckily for you, Dubstep is 99.9% the same speed. This makes mixing Dubstep extremely easy. Dubstep is usually at 140 beats per minute (BPM). This means that every minute, there are 140 beats. For those familiar with music, you will know that you have 4 beats in every bar.

Now that we know Dubstep is at 140BPM, we can assume that if we press play on our two Decks at the same time, both tracks playing with play in time. They will also be in time in the sense that after around 54 seconds, they will both reach the ‘Drop’.  Try it yourself, load up two tracks, and press play on each deck at the same time, and you should find that (if they are both 140BPM) they will play in time.

When to start the next track?

So you have one track playing, and your ready to kill the dance floor with the next track, but when do you start it? Well, it is simple really. If you count the beats from the beginning of the track, you will notice that every 16 bars, the music changes, or there is a noticeable event that is heard. If you wait another 16 bars you should get to the point where the Track Drops. This is very helpful, as you then know when your first track hits the break down, during the second half of the track, that if you play your next track on the first beat of the breakdown, the two tracks will play in time, and drop simultaneously. So when do you start the next track? Well, you can start it whenever, just make sure you start it on the 1st beat of the bar, and try to do it on the first beat of any 8 bar, or 16 bar pattern. This way, the music will change together, instead of changing at different points.

Want to start playing to over 10,000 people every day?

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