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Dubstep by passion...


... Filth by nature!


Filth.FM was originally created in 2010 by DJ Strong, and by September 2010 was recieveing over 3,000 views per day from its strong fan-base.
The website was so popular it recieved huge support from well known DJs, such as Dubba Jonny, Funtcase, and many others.
Filth.FM even went on to win the Best Radio Station - Dubstep Music Awards 2011.
After the website went quiet and shut-up shop in 2013, a huge void was created.
So now, in 2015, the site is being re-opened by a couple of once avid listeners back in the day, with one goal and one goal only, restore Filth.FM to its former glory.

Whilst we work on Filth FM 2.0, feel free to listen to the radio located below.